Amount Plus


Amount Plus is an upgrade to the typical conversion apps, and converts everything from currency to length to time zone.


I’ve worked my way through what feels like thousands of conversion apps. Many of them are single-purpose, which is great if you want a one-stop click for currency conversions, say, or want to convert something from inches to centimeters.

Amount Plus is worth the few bucks I paid for it because it houses every conceivable conversion in one app, and looks good doing it. I’m not even kidding: this app is gorgeous. And though that seems like a silly reason to recommend something (atop the latent usefulness), I find that good, clean, minimal design means I use the app in question more frequently and with greater pleasure. Such is the case here.

What does it convert? Here’s the list that pops up after you enter a figure:

Acceleration, angles, area, astronomical, clothing (men), clothing (women), cooking, currency, density, electric current, energy, flow (mass), flow (volume), force, frequency, fuel consumption, illuminance, length and distance, luminance, metric system, network speed, power, pressure, radiation (absorbed), radioactivity, speed, storage data, temperature, time, torque, typography, viscosity (dynamic), viscosity (kinematic), volume, weight and mass.

Whew. So yeah. There are a lot of conversions here that I’ll never use (I hope to someday be interesting enough to require a dynamic viscosity conversion, and hope I never need to tap the absorbed radiation option), but the ones I do use pop up immediately, and (thus far) accurately.

My main uses here are time zone, currency, and spacial conversions, but I’ve already found myself using the clothing measurement feature, and can imagine a time in which I might need to use the storage data converter, as well (what’s beyond a petabyte?).

This is all to day that for a few bucks, this app is a bargain, and will replace a few others on your phone beautifully.


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