Anker Astro E7 Ultra-High Capacity Power Bank


The Anker Astro E7 is a large, but versatile and fast-recharging massive-capacity backup battery pack.


The Astro E7 replaced two different backup battery packs I was carrying for a time. Each of my former batteries could recharge my Android phone a few times, which was nice, particularly when I was stuck for several days on chicken buses in the middle of nowhere in a far-off country. I didn’t use them all the time, but they made me more confident that I could use my devices as much as I wanted without being stuck somewhere, out of touch with the world, perhaps even in an emergency situation.

Both of those batteries were fairly chunky, but were nowhere near as big as the Astro E7. Together, yes, they were bigger. They were also more cumbersome, because they were two substantial devices, not one. Their combined energy capacity didn’t approach the E7’s, however — they added up to something like 18,000mAh, while the E7 carries a whopping 26,800.

To give you an idea of what those numbers mean, 26,800mAh is enough to recharge an iPhone 6, from zero to full, ten times. In my case, it can charge an iPhone 6s Plus a total of six times. It can recharge the iPad Air to full capacity twice. It can even charge the newer Macbooks (with the USB-C outlets), though you have to provide your own USB-C cable to make that happen.

In short, this thing is a tank. It’s also speedy, both in charging itself from a wall outlet (a major headache with other batteries I’ve owned…they’d take days to refill completely) and in charging other devices from its stockpile (it makes use of the same intelligent tech found in the Anker PowerPort 4 that optimizes recharge speed based on the device plugged in).

The one major downside is that, as I mentioned, it’s a behemoth. This is one of the larger pieces of hardware in my bag. The piece of mind that it provides makes the extra weight and space occupied worthwhile, and it’s nice to know that I don’t even have to recharge it after each trip; it’s good for a while. If something new comes along that’s lighter and smaller and has perhaps just a little less battery capacity, though? I’m guessing I’d prefer that. Though ideally it comes from Anker, as they’re killing it right now with good design, great hardware, and low prices.


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