Anker PowerPort 4


The Anker PowerPort 4 is a very handy, relatively small gadget that plugs into a single outlet and provides four high-speed USB ports.


One of the best ways to reduce clutter in your bag and carry less weight is to eliminate the inessentials through consolidation. What this means in practice is finding ways to, say, carry one cable instead of two by procuring an adapter that will allow that cable to pull double-duty.

In this case, I was able to get rid of four different outlet-adapters, which allowed me to plug my USB cables into wall outlets for charging, with this one device. A device, by the way, which allows higher-speed charging than most of the adapters I no longer carry as a result.

It’s a small convenience, having one piece of hardware do the work of four. There are also some small advantages the PowerPort 4 has over comparable devices: the LED light on the front, for instance, lets you know when your devices are charging and when they’re full. A tiny convenience, but such conveniences add up when you’re on the road.

I should also mention that Anker has really upped its game since the last time I bought products from it. The hardware is beautiful and well-made, and even the packaging was an Apple-like unboxing experience. The same was true with the battery backup I purchased from them recently. Well-played, Anker.

Like many of my favorite pieces of equipment, this one isn’t flashy and is somewhat boring, but it sure is wonderful. I’m going to be trying out a similar but different device soon, which purports to charge one’s laptop while also providing USB ports. This one has four ports, however, while the other only has two, which could be a deal-breaker either way.


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