Architect’s Wallet


The Architect’s Wallet is a slightly large-ish, but still quite elegant and minimal way to carry your bare-essentials, along with a Space Pen and notebook. Particularly if you’re like me and like to have something to jot notes in throughout the day, this is a winning combination that is also quite rugged.




I’ve used a lot of wonderful minimalist wallets. I’ve even gone without one, though I found after a while that became a little tiresome and scattered, not to mention somewhat socially unacceptable in a not-fun way.

I tried out the Architect’s Wallet a few years ago when I realized that I was carrying a tiny slip of a wallet in one pocket, and a notebook and pen in another. That these two sets of essentials could be combined hadn’t occurred to me, so I took a leap of faith, which paid off.

My one complaint about this item is that it’s a little large if you’re accustomed to keeping your wallet in your front pocket — which you should do, if you’re traveling, but also in normal life, as it significantly reduces the chance of getting pick-pocketed and the back problems that can emerge from keeping an unbalancing lump where you sit.

That said, after trying it for a while and keeping my old wallet just in case, I eventually decided the tradeoff, and slightly larger form-factor, was worth it.


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