Cocoon GRID-IT! 8-Inch Organizer with Tablet Pocket


Cocoon Grid-It inserts are some of the best organizational tools for one’s bag. This one has the added bonus of including a tablet pocket that is the perfect size for an iPad Mini.


I’ve been using some sort of Grid-It insert since I started traveling. This is essentially a sturdy panel with elastic bands covering one side, and those bands allow you to easily and neatly store a range of things, including cords and cables, thumb drives, adapters, and just about anything else of a small size, even if abnormal in shape. It keeps these things from being scattered and unraveled throughout your bag, and the impact of this on your organization — of being able to reach into the bag and know exactly where everything is — can be immense.

I hadn’t used one of their Grid-Its with a pocket before, but it’s as well-built and easy to use as the others, and my iPad Mini fits snugly in the back pocket, even with the Apple Smart Cover attached. The pocket is well-padded, too, so I feel like it can bump around a whole lot without doing any damage to the iPad.

If you haven’t used a Grid-It before, I would recommend finding one that fits in your bag and giving it a go. Even if you only use it for charging cables and chapstick, it’s worth the money paid.


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