Everlane Twill Weekender Bag


Though a huge deviation from my usual bag preferences, this large weekender has won me over.


I was immensely skeptical about this bag from the outset. Yes, it comes from a company whose philosophy and aesthetic I appreciate. And yes, it looks great and simple and is reputed to be made well.

But I’m accustomed to pockets. Dividers. Flaps and such. I carry my bag over my shoulder, and this thing lacks a shoulder strap.

I was ready to chalk it up as a loss, a bad choice from an otherwise good company. A pretty object without much practicality. On a whim, though, I ordered one, intending to return it should it prove to be not my speed.

I’m glad I did.

Yes, I would still prefer a shoulder strap, but the handles are large enough that you can carry it up on your shoulder without it looking too purse-like (I wear mine a little bit back, so it’s more on my back than at my side, more vertical than horizontal). But I actually like the breezy-ness of the big open space without a lot of dividers and pockets. It’s liberating to pack a pile of things, rather than thinking so hard about what go where, particularly when you pack like I do: just clothes in the big bag, my laptop, cables, and such in a smaller day bag.

I’ll still putting this thing through its motions, but thus far it’s proven to be sturdy and functional, as well as beautiful. And I always enjoy a product a little bit more when it comes from a company with policies I believe in.

Also: no external logos! A shockingly hard-to-find feature in a bag.

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