Filmic Pro


FiLMiC Pro is a powerful video recording app that turns your iPhone into a pro-level video camera.


When I started focusing some of my time and attention on online video production, I initially utilized the apps the came with my devices, and then many of the numerous cheap apps that are flashed in the app store when you search for better cameras that have a few more bells and whistles than the typical fare.

I wanted a few things that I wasn’t finding elsewhere. Usable white-balance was one. Hardware settings so that I could easily choose between mics was another. A focus separate from the white-balance was a third. This last feature is tricky to find, by the way. Most camera apps allow you to tap the screen to focus on something, and then the white-balance sets itself based on that tap. Since I would be shooting against a white backdrop part of the time, I wanted to be able to focus on my face, and white-balance based on that white backdrop; two different focal points in the frame.

FiLMic Pro met these standards and then some. Sound and zoom and composition and every other little thing is a million times easier because of this app. It’s pricier than a lot of software you’ll find in the app store (about $10), but is more than worth that price, as it allows you to fully utilize the hardware you’ve got, probably for the first time.


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