IK Multimedia iRig Mic HD


In terms of a ‘normal,’ handheld microphone, and one that can plug into modern electronic devices without any conversion necessary, the iRig HD is a wonderful option.


Sometimes you want to be subtle with your mic, in which case you’ll clip a lav on your or your subject’s shirt, or maybe use a boom mic to capture better audio from far away.

In other cases you’ll want one central mic that you can hold and tilt toward the action. This is what the iRid HD is for: it captures beautiful, clear audio from whatever is near its head. That’s it. Everything else is filtered away, sometimes to an extreme, but usually in a somewhat natural-sounding way.

The downside of this filtration is that sometimes you can sound as if you’re speaking from inside a sound-proof bubble. It’s great for clarity, but not ideal for realism. On the other hand, I’ve found this mic works well on even the most crowded, car horn-heavy streets, producing consistently clear audio.

I should note that this plugs into either iOS Lightning ports or a standard sized USB port, so you can use it with your computer (Mac or PC) or your iPhone/iPad. Android phones are unfortunately out of luck.

One fringe benefit is that not everyone knows how to be around a boom mic or lavalier, but everyone, and I mean everyone, recognizes the significance of a handheld microphone that looks like a handheld microphone. Want to be taken seriously? Want to make clear that you’re doing something serious despite the fact that you’re recording with mobile devices? Try using something like this and people will know what’s up.


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