Shure MVL Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone


This lav mic is so simple and high-quality that you needn’t even think about it, which is great, because lav mics are boring by definition.


The very first mic I purchased when I decided to start shooting more video on the road was this little guy. A lavalier microphone is a mic that clips onto one’s shirt and which is supposed to be unobtrusive. As such, lav mics tend to be very boring, particularly when compared to their more elaborate and specifically tasked counterparts.

That said, a good lav mic is also a workhorse. I keep this one in my bag, tucked away into a side pocket, because it’s tiny and easy to plug into any device I have handy. Instead of using a Lightning cable or some other iOS-focused connector, it plugs right into the headphone port, easy as you please.

The clip works just fine, the windscreen the same. The carrying case holds it all nicely. What’s really impressive is the sound: even in a public space, or in a windy environment, the person upon whom this device is clipped can be heard loud and clear. I don’t get any audio artifacts and although in truly loud environments I can detect a hint of the space, just enough to put the person into a context, it’s not distracting, and if anything adds impact. I like that it doesn’t make them sound as if they’re in an airless room (as can be the case with another mic I’m using, sometimes).

This is a little pricier than other wired lav mics, but is still significantly cheaper than the wireless options. I may snag one of the latter in the near-future, but I like the simplicity of this, and I like that I needn’t worry about one more battery to charge. This is the perfect ‘keep it in the bag and forget it until you need it’ device, and though I’m currently testing out a double-headed, cheaper lav model made by another company, at the moment this is probably my most useful, most used microphone.


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