Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount


The Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount is a sturdy solution for those who want to vertically mount their smartphones (even quite large ones) on tripods.


As a frequent user of Periscope, I sometimes want to mount my smartphones (which serve as my primary video recording devices much of the time) vertically rather than horizontally. This also works quite well for recording snippets of video for services like Vine, as you can trim it later in the Vine app, or by using something like Crop on the Fly, which is my personal favorite app for that purpose.

In any case, this is a relatively difficult adapter to find, a vertical-phone-holder. It’s only recently become the default orientation for certain applications, and previously, holding your phone vertically while recording was a bit of a faux pas — put up a vertical video on Facebook or whatnot, and it was crammed into a horizontal box and barely viewable.

I wanted something that would hold my phone upright on my tripod, however, so I could use a handheld mic or interview someone for Periscope with a face-level camera, hands-free.

This mount by Square Jellyfish serves that purpose splendidly. I can’t attest to the fully plastic version, but the metal version is wonderful, sturdy, and folds down small. It’s easy to toss in the bag and use with a Gorillapod should inspiration hit. It’s well-build and easy to use.


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