You don't need to buy anything to enjoy traveling.

You can walk out the door with your wits, a smile, and enough clothing not to be arrested. So long as you’ve packed the right attitude, you’ll probably have a good time.

That said, there are things that can augment a journey, can make it a little bit more convenient or enjoyable in some way. Things that can help you keep in touch with folks back home, share what you find with the world, or help you carry your stuff in style.

Do not buy things just to buy things. Do not assume that you have to have the perfect bag, the perfect camera, the perfect whatever to be a traveler. Being a traveler means you travel: save your money for a train ticket or beer for a stranger you meet along the way. All too often people talk about travel and buy all the shiny new gear they think they need, but seldom get around to traveling.

Don’t do that. Travel first, then upgrade along the way if it makes sense to do so.

The following list includes some items that I am using, have used, or don’t use but would recommend. Use this list very intentionally.