Go Bag is a multi-platform show hosted by author and world traveler Colin Wright and produced by Lisa Nicole Bell. It features people and places around the world, and involves you, the viewer.

The show features Colin as he travels to a new city, carrying only a ‘go bag’ to discover whoever and whatever he can over the course of a weekend-length trip.

Each trip is documented as mini-episodes presented on YouTube, streamed via Periscope, photographed on Instagram, and written about on Facebook. Meetups are hosted along the way, and invites are sent to Go Bag Insiders who subscribe to our newsletter and social media accounts.

On Go Bag, Colin presents interviews, tours, how-to’s, performances, Q&A’s, and interesting people and places as videos, images, live chats and blog posts. Each episode also features a giveaway (or giveaways) for viewers and subscribers.

Travel is about the experiences you have, not the things you take with you.

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