Go Bag is a multi-platform show about travel, exploration, breaking molds, and building a more fulfilled life.

We’re looking for partners who’re into that kind of thing.


The core of Go Bag involves Colin introducing viewers to a particular city, and guides help him in this regard. Guides can give tours, present how-to’s, perform, make introductions, be interviewed (or interview), tell a story, display a talent, or simply help us find the best the city has to offer.

Guides can be individuals or representatives from companies or organizations, and needn’t contribute anything more than their time and enthusiasm.


Each episode of Go Bag includes at least one giveaway, and the Contributor is someone who provides the product or service we present to one (or more) lucky viewer(s).

The Contributor is most ideally also a Guide.

For example, a master whiskey distiller might give a tour of their distillery, show us how their product is made, and provide a bottle of their beverage to be given to a viewer. Or an author who introduces us to their favorite park where they go to write might provide some copies of their books (ebooks and/or paperbacks) for us to divvy out.


The Sponsor-level partner is an individual, company, or organization that wants to help us beyond freebies to giveaway and experiences to present. Sponsors provide monetary support for the show, and can also be Contributors and Guides, showing us what they do and why, and providing their product or service for our viewers.

An example of this might be a clothing company that contributes money toward the production of the show. They might also provide go bags for us to give away, and could invite us to shoot an episode in their home city, where we might meet their design team and see their process, or check out a runway show of their latest offerings.

Keen to be involved? (More info below, this is just an early button-clicking opportunity.)


Each episode of Go Bag will be promoted to a large audience across many networks.

We’re populating Go Bag‘s social media profiles and newsletter over the first couple of episodes, and the show takes place between that and Colin’s network, which is already substantial:

  • 2+ million yearly blog readers
  • 16.5k Twitter followers
  • 9.1k Instagram followers
  • 8.8k Facebook followers
  • 8k Newsletter subscribers
  • 3.4k Medium followers
  • 2k Linkedin connections
  • 1.7k Periscope followers (with over 170k likes)
  • 600 Tumblr followers
  • 550 Vine followers

Who We Want as Partners

We want to curate our Partners very carefully, and are looking to work with companies and individuals with a focus on one or more of the following:

Travel, portability, simplicity and minimalism, craftsmanship, health and wellness, adventure, non-standard living and lifestyles, aesthetics with a point of view, sustainability, publishing, creation and making of all kinds, art, design, fashion, architecture, education and learning, technology, science, space, social media and communication, philosophy, humanism, invention, entrepreneurship, and things that, when people hear about it for the first time, evoke a stunned and/or delighted response.

If you fit the above description, or think we’ll dig what you’ve got going on (despite leaving a relevant adjective off the list above), send us some electronic mail.

If your product or service or specialty isn’t a great fit for the show, we love you anyway, and hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the show! 🙂

Sufficiently titillated?